The Banker Top-1000 World Banks 2018

The Banker International Press Release: Top 1000 World Banks 2018


Europe’s banks are starting to recover after several bad years, according to The Banker's latest ranking of the Top 1000 World Banks. But they are no match for Chinese banks which strengthened their grip on the ranking. India’s banks were the worst performing.

Western Europe’s banks increased their share of global banking profits from 13% to 20% helped by strong performances in France, Germany and the UK and a turnaround in Italy. Major banks such as Italy’s UniCredit, the UK’s Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Suisse helped this recovery by moving back into the black after heavy losses. UniCredit climbed 21 places to 24th in the overall ranking with a 79% capital uplift.

Last year European banks held the top ten places in a table of largest losses but this year Indian banks hold six of the ten places. Chinese and Indian banks are a story of contrasting fortunes. For the first time, Chinese banks hold the top four places in the overall ranking based on Tier 1 capital with ICBC remaining top for the sixth year running.

Chinese banks account for four of the top five banks with the highest profits and together make nearly one third of global profits. ICBC grew its capital by $43 billion which is like adding a Standard Chartered or a UBS. Chinese banks together increased their capital by $337bn or 20%.

The other standout country in Asia is South Korea where the banks added $8bn in overall profits, an increase of 81%, close to the total annual profits of either Malaysia or Denmark. The profits uplift of South Korea’s banks was the fifth highest in the world. But North Korea — whose leader Kim Jong Un recently met with US president Donald Trump — does not have a single bank in the ranking.

The highest losses were in India where the banks turned a $7.9bn profit into a $9.2 bn loss, the largest in the world. India’s public sector banks lent excessively and are now paying the price.

Says The Banker’s editor Brian Caplen: “Finally, after some dismal years in European banking we are seeing a recovery. Losses in Greece and Portugal are much less while France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK all saw big increases.”

“Chinese banks are increasing their lead in terms of capital and profits putting more distance between themselves and the big American banks. But Indian banks had a terrible year as the central bank pushed them to clean up their balance sheets.”

In the other BRIC countries, continuing economic problems in Brazil meant the banks had a flat year while Russia provided the worst performing bank in the ranking. Otkritie recorded the highest losses and the lowest regulatory capital ratio. But Russian banks as a whole performed well with the giant Sberbank increasing profits 47% to be the world’s 10th most profitable bank and climbing five places to 31st in the main ranking.

In the Middle East the new regional leader is First Abu Dhabi Bank, as a result of last year’s merger, while Africa’s banks delivered the highest returns with a 26% return on capital.

TABLES — source The Banker Database

Четыре банка Китая впервые возглавили рейтинг «1000 крупнейших банков мира»

ТАСС, 3 июля. Четыре крупнейших банка Китая ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China и Agricultural Bank of China впервые заняли первые четыре строчки мирового рейтинга «1000 крупнейших банков мира — 2018», опубликованного британским журналом The Banker.

ICBC стал лидером шестой год подряд. По словам составителей рейтинга, «китайские участники продемонстрировали устойчивый рост в отчетном периоде».

В основе критерия оценки рейтинга лежит показатель капитала I уровня. Согласно списку этого года, капитал I уровня ICBC оценивается в $324 млрд, показатели China Construction Bank, Bank of China и Agricultural Bank of China составили $272, $224 и $218 млрд соответственно.

Показатель американского банка JPMorgan Chase, занявшего пятую строчку в списке, достиг отметки в $209 млрд, Bank of America — $191 млрд, Wells Fargo — $178 млрд, Citigroup — $165 млрд, японского Mitsubishi UFJ — $153 млрд, а замыкающего десятку лидеров британского HSBC — $151 млрд.

В комментариях к рейтингу отмечается, что «Китай также превзошел другие страны по приросту прибыли банковской отрасли за прошедший год». Показатель КНР составил $29,3 млрд, отодвинув на второе место банки Италии ($28,9 млрд). Третью строчку заняли британские участники, прирост прибыли которых оценивается в $20,2 млрд.

Рейтинг «1000 крупнейших банков мира» публикуется с 2010 года.
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RR — Regional rank
WR — World rank
Tier 1 capital — Т1С

Top 1000 World Banks — Russian banks' mixed fortunes influence CEE ranking

Mixed fortunes among Russian institutions have impacted the central and eastern Europe (CEE) regional ranking in 2018. Still, Tier 1 capital across the region’s top 25 banks rose by about $31.48bn to $145.88bn as all but two banks increased their capitalisation.

The odd ones out were Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank, a systemically important institution in Russia and the sixth largest bank by capitalisation in the 2017 CEE ranking, which was bailed out by the state and nationalised in August 2017; and B&M Bank (14th in the 2017 CEE ranking) was also nationalised, only a month after Otkritie. The two lenders’ capital plunged by about $2.41bn and $159m, respectively, seeing the institutions fall to 16th and 18th positions regionally. Otkritie’s new management is working on a merger between the two banks.

Promsvyazbank, which was 11th largest in the region by capitalisation in our previous ranking, was also bailed out in 2017 and has dropped out of the Top 1000 ranking altogether.

At the other end of the spectrum, Russia’s largest lender, state-owned Sberbank, has further expanded its lead by increasing capitalisation by 29.7%, which saw it rise five positions globally. Indeed, the banks ranked one to five in the CEE ranking remain unchanged (all but one are Russian) and all institutions improved their capitalisation by more than 12%. And the highest mover in the region is also Russian: Tinkoff Bank more than doubled its Tier 1 capital from $457m to $969m, making it the 23rd largest bank in CEE.

Sovcombank has climbed eight places in the regional ranking, largely due to a change in the bank’s reporting criteria. The $636m of capital as of its full-year 2016 results were under Basel III, while in the 2017 financial report for this year’s ranking, Sovcombank only published Basel I financials (with $1.43bn of Tier 1 capital). During 2018, Sovcombank will merge with peer RosEvroBank (which has $589m in Tier 1 capital), which will see the banks combined in next year’s ranking.

Poland’s Bank Pekao is a new entrant into the regional CEE ranking. Previously majority owned by Italy’s UniCredit, the lender used to be classified as a foreign-owned subsidiary and was therefore excluded from the regional ranking. A change in ownership sees it enter the regional table for the first time at number six.

Hungarian banks had the highest return on capital (ROC) across all countries in CEE, driven by the country’s largest bank OTP, whose ROC was the third highest in the region. However, Russian banks Tinkoff and Sovcombank remain the most profitable, occupying the top of the regional profit ratio table for the second year in a row this year.

Top 25: Central and Eastern Europe ($M)

RR	WR	Bank	                                Country	Tier 1 capital
1	31	Sberbank	                                 Russia	 58 344   
2	73	VTB Bank	                                 Russia	 23 006   
3	155	Gazprombank	                         Russia	 9 392   
4	159	PKO Bank Polski	                        Poland	 9 289   
5	211	Alfa Bank	                         Russia	 6 217   
6	223	Bank Pekao	                        Poland	 5 532   
7	231	Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego	        Poland	 5 421   
8	280	OTP Bank	                                Hungary	 4 106   
9	330	Russian Agricultural Bank	               Russia	 3 236   
10	349	Credit Bank of Moscow	                 Russia	 3 058   
11	519	Alior Bank	                         Poland	 1 750   
12	529	Banca Transilvania	                Romania	 1 718   
13	551	Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB)	        Slovenia	 1 641   
14	580	Belarusbank	                         Belarus	 1 486   
15	597	Sovcombank	                         Russia	 1 427   
16	619	Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank	      Russia	 1 329   
17	661	Getin Noble Bank	                         Poland	 1 206   
18	669	B&N Bank	                                 Russia	 1 179   
19	678	Bank Saint Petersburg	                 Russia	 1 144   
20	718	State Savings Bank of Ukraine	        Ukraine	 1 019   
21	732	Ak Bars Bank	                         Russia	 982   
22	738	MONETA Money Bank	                    Czech Republic	 970   
23	739	Tinkoff Bank	                         Russia	 969   
24	832	J&T Banka	                    Czech Republic	 757   
25	859	Belagroprombank	                        Belarus	 705   

Highest Movers: CEE

RR	WR	Bank	                        Country	Т1С % change	Т1С $m
1	739	Tinkoff Bank	                 Russia	 112.17   	 969   
2	718	State Savings Bank of Ukraine	Ukraine	 107.61   	 1 019   
3	974	Zenit Banking Group	         Russia	 90.75   	 502   
4	231	Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego	Poland	 87.82   	 5 421   
5	349	Credit Bank of Moscow	         Russia	 82.01   	 3 058   
6	976	SMP Bank	                          Russia	 50.64   	 500   
7	947	TBC Bank	                          Georgia	 41.22   	 555   
8	732	Ak Bars Bank	                  Russia	 40.19   	 982   
9	519	Alior Bank	                  Poland	 39.20   	 1 750   
10	159	PKO Bank Polski	                  Poland	 36.96   	 9 289   

Top Five ROE: CEE

RR	WR	Bank	         Country	 ROE (%)
1	739	Tinkoff Bank	 Russia	 44.77   
2	597	Sovcombank	 Russia	 44.61   
3	280	OTP Bank	         Hungary	 30.38   
4	31	Sberbank	         Russia	 28.07   
5	947	TBC Bank	         Georgia	 27.46   

New Entrants: CEE ($M)

WR	Bank	                    Country	 Т1С
976	SMP Bank	                    Russia	          500   
989	Bank Ochrony Srodowiska	   Poland	 488   
996	MKB	                    Hungary	 479   


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